Established & Sons /2012


Cultivating plants in your own home or in the office is sympathetic and increasingly important. No water – no plants! In our new office we want to work in a jungle of plants that brings life, air and color to the daily life. One day we found an amazing old library ladder in a container outside our old design school. It didn't quite work together with our low shelves at the new office but it was simply too beautiful to throw away. We brought along some plants from the old office and suddenly the ladder turned into the perfect plant stand. The only missing part now was the watering can. So the ‘Gro’ watering can grew out of this need. The handle and the spout of our watering can are grown from the main corpus – organizing the functions of filling, containing and pouring in a way that mimics a growing plant. ‘Gro’ means both ‘grow’ and ‘heal’ in Norwegian. The word is also a typical girls name.


Design: Petter Skogstad, Hallgeir Homstvedt, Anderssen & Voll