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Prototype /2012


Tue is a cast iron trivet, and the name is Norwegian for when grass accumulates and creates a bumpy landscape. The trivet has an uneven surface made up by rounded shapes, but there are always three points of contact for either small or large pots and pans.

This project came about for a independent exhibition in Tokyo called "Food Work". As the title indicates, the topic of the project is food: storage, preparation, presen­tation, and eating. These objects spring out of simple and ordinary, yet es­sential and vital, actions that tie people together across cultural differences. The objects are designed for everyday situations in Norway – they are Norwegian. How­ever, we have been inspired by Japanese culture – or rather, by our particular understand­ing of Japanese culture. In other words: we have at­tempted to make Norwegian objects that could also be relevant to Japanese living.


Design: Petter Skogstad